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The RIVER CITY THEATRE ORGAN SOCIETY of OMAHA, NE (RCTOS) is dedicated to the preservation of the theatre pipe organ, its music, and art form.  While we welcome members from all walks of life, and organists of all skill levels, the vast majority of our members are simply music lovers, those who appreciate the sound of the might theatre organ.  A few of our members enjoy in the maintenance and upkeep work necessary to keep these large instruments properly operating.

Typical comments of our recently joined members are, "...this organization is one of the most fun and enjoyable clubs I have ever experienced”, besides that the members are some of the friendliest you'll ever meet.

RCTOS holds monthly meetings, typically on the third Sunday of the month at 3:00 pm.  Two of the meetings are held at the Rose theater which has a 3/21 Wurlitzer Theatre Pipe Organ and three meetings at a private residence in the Omaha area which has a 3/24 Kimball Theatre Pipe Organ.  After a short business meeting, a concert is presented by one of the members or by a professional theater organist (such as Jonas Nordwall, Jonathan Ortloff, Justin LaVoie, Mark Herman, Dave Wickerham, Martin Ellis, Donnie Rankin and others).  Following the concert open console is available. Following some concerts, members provide a potluck dinner or the group may elect to gather at a local restaurant to continue the afternoon. Visit our VIDEO TAB for YouTube performances of these artists.

Theatre organs were the first synthesizers. They brought music to theaters in the first part of the 20th century before recorded sound was available. Using wind blown pipes to imitate the sounds of an entire orchestra, these remarkable musical instruments served as the sound track for "silent" movies, which never were shown silently. Intricate electrical controls gave a single musician the ability to fill a theatre with music.

Theatre organs still survive and can be found in some of the movie palaces of Omaha. The River City Theatre Organ Society is dedicated to the preservation and appreciation of these unique and fascinating musical marvels. At this website you will find information about the theatre organs of Omaha including upcoming performances. We hope you will find something of interest. We invite you to attend a live performance that includes a theatre organ to experience this thrilling sound for yourself.
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